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Product Liability

When a consumer purchases a product, he or she has the right to assume that this product is safe. Unfortunately, too many consumers sustain injuries due to everyday devices and products.

Product liability is an area of law that holds designers, suppliers and manufacturers responsible for any injury that a consumer sustains due to defects and hazards of products that they design, produce, or market.

Types of Product Liability Claims

  • Design defects
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Marketing defects or failure to warn of product dangers

Design defects generally exist prior to the product even being manufactured or marketed. Although the product may serve its purpose successfully, a design defect could cause unreasonable dangers to occur.

Manufacturing defects usually occur in the product’s production or construction phase, and could possibly result in a product’s failure to function properly, or its complete inability to operate.

Marketing defects often have to do with the failure to provide proper instructions, or the failure to warn consumers of potential dangers that the product may cause.

Common examples of defective products include dangerous or improperly labeled prescription drugs, defective auto parts such as malfunctioning seatbelts or airbags, and defective medical devices such as defibrillators and pacemakers.

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If you or a loved one is injured due to a case of product liability in Scranton, you may experience physical, financial, emotional and psychological difficulties. Not only will you be dealing with your injuries, but you’ll also be facing costly medical expenses, lost wages, reduced earning capacity, property damage, mental anguish, as well as pain and suffering. A product liability attorney may be able to help you recover damages for your injuries.

We know that you are more than just a statistic or claim number. At our law firm, our committed and compassionate product liability lawyers will work hard to protect your rights, and will help you obtain a fair and just settlement for your injuries.